Terminal de GNL

The LNG Terminal in Sines lies in the Portuguese atlantic coast, in the industrial area of Sines port, about 120 Km to the south of Lisbon. It consists of port facilities for the reception, load and refill of methane carriers, expedition facilities that represent LNG Terminal depot, three LNG storage tanks, LNG processing facilities and natural gas dispatch facilities for the pipeline connecting the Sines LNG Terminal to the Natural Gas Transport Network.

The Terminal consist of (i) docking station for ships with a capacity from 40 000 to 216 000 m3 GNL with an unloading time of about 20 hours, (ii) three storage tanks with a commercial capacity of 390 000 m3 GNL and (iii) seven open-rack vaporizers for LNG regasification.

The LNG Terminal has a nominal emission capacity of 900 000 m3(n)/hour, a maximum capacity of 1 350 000 m3(n)/hour and it can load up to 36 tanker trucks a day.


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