REN-Gasodutos operates the National Natural Gas Transmission Network and manages the Natural Gas Transmission System.

The Natural Gas Transmission Network comprises 1375 km of high-pressure gas pipelines, geographically divided in two main axes:

  • One South – North axis, from the LNG Terminal in Sines to Valença do Minho, which guarantees natural gas supply in the littoral, the most densely populated part of the country. This main axis has a derivation to Mangualde. 
  • One East – West axis, from Campo Maior to the vicinity of Figueira da Foz. This main axis has a derivation to Guarda.

In 2013, the connection between the derivations of the two main axes was concluded and the Mangualde-Celorico-Guarda gas pipeline came online, increasing the supply security in the center and north part of the country.

There are two interconnections between the Natural Gas Transmission Network and the Spanish Transmission Network: Campo Maior – Badajoz and Valença do Minho – Tuy. Both interconnection points have exit and entry capacity.


You may contact REN Gasodutos at:

REN Gasodutos, SA
Estrada Nacional 116, Vila de Rei
2674-505 BUCELAS (Portugal)

Phone: (+351) 21 968 8200
Fax: (+351) 21 001 3310