Gestão Técnica GlobalREN Gasodutos is the single Portuguese Transmission System Operator (TSO), whereby it is responsible for the operation of the high pressure transmission system. On the other hand, REN Gasodutos is also responsible for performing the Global Technical Management of the National Natural Gas Transmission System, as Gas System Manager.

As Gas System Manager, REN Gasodutos seeks to  integrate the operation of the different infrastructures of National Natural Gas System, while also ensuring public service obligations related to security of supply, in terms of monitoring the establishment and maintenance of security gas reserves by commercialization companies, as well as providing open, transparent and non-discriminatory TPA to NG infrastructures. The preparation of an integrated proposal of the National Natural Gas System development planning and its corresponding submission to the National Energy Directorate, which occurs every three years, is also an important task of the Gas System Manager.

As a TSO, REN Gasodutos is responsible for monitoring the balance between NG demand and supply, and checking it against available capacity throughout the different scheduling processes, in order to ensure an efficient and cost-effective use of NG infrastructures. A checking mechanism has been implemented, linking scheduling and assignment processes, with a view to ensure the overall feasibility of the system.

From a technical perspective, REN Gasodutos offers to the market all available capacity over a given period of time, by managing pressure levels as well as performing residual system balancing between intakes and offtakes, in order to maintain the transmission system's integrity, while providing a reliable service to shippers.


You may contact REN Gasodutos at:

REN Gasodutos, SA
Estrada Nacional 116, Vila de Rei
2674-505 BUCELAS (Portugal)

Phone: (+351) 21 968 8200
Fax: (+351) 21 001 3310